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Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eye

Remove Dark circle

The skin around the eyes is very soft and sensitive. For this reason, the effect of the physical and mental state is immediately visible. Due to strong sunlight and other natural things, the skin near the eyes can also be deep. These can be both male and female, and can happen at any age.

When the dark circles are below the eyes, the face is diminished, extinguished, and sick, and due to these, the age is more visible. So keep in mind. If it feels a bit like this, then it should be treated or otherwise it can be difficult to erupt after further growth.

They can be saved by adopting domestic measures to eradicate the dark eye circle. Here are the ways to fix black or deep skin near the eyes. Using these can be rid of the problem of dark circles.

Dark Eye Circle reasons

There are several reasons for the Dark Eye Circle, which are generally more common –

– Genetics

– mental stress

– Sleep is not complete

– Hormone change

– Deteriorating routine

– strong sunshine

– Effect of age

– Dry Skin

– not taking nutritious food

– Lack of iron or vitamin supplements in the body

– Being sick for a long time


Home remedies for dark circles

1)  Almond oil

Almond oil is beneficial for soft skin under the eyes. Applying almond oil regularly makes the color light. Using vitamin E with this can be of greater benefit.

For this, massage the dark circles of almond oil with a light hand while sleeping. Wash with cold water in the morning. Use this circle until the circle circles are light.

2)  Cucumber

Cucumber has the properties of lightening the skin color. It has a soft astringent. This makes the skin refreshed. For this

– Keep a slice of cucumber half-hour in the fridge and cool. Keep it on your eyes for ten minutes. After that wash with plain water. Do this twice a day. Do this for a regular 12 -15 days.

– The second way is to mix cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal quantity. Apply it with the help of cotton on its deep skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then wash it with plain water. By doing this for a week, under the Eye Dark Circle becomes light.

3) Raw potato

Raw potatoes contain naturally elements that clean the color of the skin. The dark circles of the eyes can also be lightweight.

For this, tighten the raw potato and remove the juice. With the help of juice cotton, close eyes and eyes around the eye. Keep aside 10-15 minutes, then wash it with water. By applying it twice a day for two weeks, dark circles become normal.

Due to the potato juice instead of raw potato slices on the eye, dark eyed circles fall lightly.

4) Rose water

Gulab water has the properties of making the skin healthy and beautiful. It refreshes the tired dark eyes. It works like a skin toner.

Soak roti in the rose water and keep it on the eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash with water. For some weeks, the use of rose water twice a day in such a way, the dark circles of eyes which are due to fatigue are eradicated.

5) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are always available at home. It is also vegetable and also fruits. There are countless benefits to eating tomatoes. This skin can also be used for work. Tomatoes have the properties of natural bleaching.

Mix one teaspoon tomato juice and half a spoon of lemon juice. Apply it lightly to black circles. Let it take ten minutes, then wash it with water. Apply it twice a day to a few weeks and see the difference.

6)  Lemon juice

Due to vitamin C present in lemon juice it is helpful to lighten the dark circles of the eyes. Because lemon juice cleans the skin.

For this, remove the fresh lemon juice. Apply this juice to the black circles with the help of cotton. Leave for 10 minutes. Wash again. Regularly do a few weeks a week.

The other way is to get a spoon lemon juice, two teaspoons tomato juice, fourth spoon gram flour, and pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this thick paste softly around the eyes. Keep eyes closed. Wash with water after 10-15 minutes. Do this two or three times a week.

If lemon juice has high irritation, do not apply it.


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