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What is the right time to Eat Fruit | Right Time to Eat Fruits


All of us feel that what we do in our daily routine is the right way to eat the fruit that means washing, peeling, cutting and eating fruits. At the same time, we also feel that we ate fruit, ate something healthier, and benefited from health, but it is not so. There are many important things that are important to eat fruit, which are important to take care of, only then will it be beneficial for us and your health. Eating fruits does not harm your health, but to benefit, for what is the right way to eat fruits and when fruits should eat, that is what we are telling here.

When to eat fruit

Most important is the time to eat fruit, that is, when fruits should be eaten. Doctors believe that the biggest benefit of eating fruit is when you eat them empty stomach. That is, after 3-4 hours of morning or morning lunch, i.e. when your stomach becomes empty. But most people do not know about this and they eat fruits immediately after lunch and dinner everyday. Even if you eat fruit before lunch or dinner, it is better to eat after eating.

The advantage of eating empty stomach fruit

If you eat empty stomach fruit, then it is digested easily and immediately and plays an important role in detoxifying the system of our body. Fruits also provide our bodies daily energy and vital energy for weight loss.

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The most important part of the diet


Fruits are the most important and most important part of our diet, so if you have to eat fruits while eating, first eat fruits, then eat the rest. If you eat them after meals, fruits become fermented together with bread or bread, and this mixture becomes rotting acid. Usually, food takes time to digest through your body, so when fruits that are eaten after it comes in the stomach, they meet with food and digestive liquids, then this whole mixture gets spoiled. Therefore it is necessary to eat either empty stomach or eat before eating.

Gas in the stomach

If you eat empty stomach, the question of becoming a gas in the stomach does not arise. The gas in the stomach is formed only when the fruit gets destroyed with the rest of your food and it has problems like hair white, baldness and dark circles.

Citrus Fruits and Acidity

Many people do not eat lemon or orange because they think that citrus fruits are acidic and go into the stomach and make acids. But this is not the case, because experts in this case believe that whatever fruit is, our body goes into alkaline. Doctors say that the secret of longevity, health, energy, happiness, right weight and beauty is hidden behind eating fruits properly.

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Keep in mind when you drink juice –

Even if you like to drink more juice than fruit, you still need to know the specific things. like –

1. If you eat fruits instead of juice, then it will be more beneficial for your health.

2. If you have to drink juice then drink only fresh juice. Can, pack or bottle juice are harmful for health.

3. When the juice is not cooked, it damages.

4. Never eat cooked fruits, because after cooking, all their vitamins and other nutrients are eliminated.

5. Fresh fruit juices slowly sip and drink, so that before you go into the stomach, you get your saliva.

Fruit fast for radiant look

If you want your skin to glow and your look becomes radiant then you should keep the fruit of three days fast, which will detoxify your body and clean it. In it, you only have to eat fruits and drink fruit juice for three days. After this you will be surprised to see your own skin and your own look, your friends will also ask you what has you done?

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