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Magical Benefits of Onions That Keep the Doctor Away


Regarding the benefits of eating onions on a daily basis, its medicinal uses and the miraculous benefits being made here. Onion is one of the most eaten vegetables in every home. Onion is used in all types of food, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. By adding onion in the vegetable, the flavor of the vegetable is increased but onion it is a great benefit to eat raw.

The highest yield of onion is in the state of Maharashtra, where there is a two-yearly onion crop and here the onion is exported abroad too. Onion is a winter vegetable. It contains calcium, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, riboflavin (Vitamin B), Vitamin C in abundance, hence it is enforced, blood-rich and seminal.

Benefits of raw onion

A lot of people do not eat onions for some reasons but knowing about the benefits of regular onion, you will definitely start eating onion. What are the benefits of eating onions in the form of salads, we explain in detail –

Summer does not look lou

Very hot air (Lu) moves in the summer season. There is a danger of getting looted when going out of the house, people who regularly consume onions do not feel lousy. People who live outside in the sunlight should keep an onion in their pockets, you will not feel lonely. If the children are feeling loon, then pour onion juice and massage them with onion juice.

Onion removes the pain of arthritis

In today’s time many people are troubled by the pain of arthritis and people eat thousands of medicines, but the cheapest treatment of arthritis is present in your home. Mix onion juice in mustard oil and massage it in a painful place. Massage will relieve you of massage for one month.

Onion prevents hair fall

Hair loss has become a common thing due to poor eating habits and worsening lifestyle. Onion is very beneficial to prevent hair loss. Cutting raw onion and rubbing it on the head stops hair loss. Or massage the hair regularly with onion juice, it will stop your hair loss and new hair will also start growing.

Onion enhances sexual capacity

Onion consumption increases men’s semen. Men consuming onions on a daily basis have immense physical power. Therefore, use of thirst in your diet must be done by taking blood in women and increasing sexual capacity in men.

Onion reduces the problem of calculus

Due to poor food, kidney stones become a problem. People who are suffering from clonal problem should use onion because onion juice has the ability to fight stone pain. By consuming an empty stomach, onion juice daily, the pain of the stone gets relieved and the stone gets out of the way through the urine.

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Onions help in purifying blood

Onion contains phosphoric acid which acts as a blood purifier for our blood. Grind the onion and apply it on the soles of your feet, so that phosphoric acid enters your arteries and removes impurities from the blood.

White hair problem solves the onions

At the young age of many people, hair becomes white. Your puberty starts getting worse due to hair fall in youth. By putting onion juice in the hair every night, the hair gets white from sleep and the white hair starts to become dark again.

Onion removes joint pain

If there is pain in any joint of the knee, shoulder or body, then use onion juice, because the onion juice has painful ability. Adding a little onion juice to mustard oil, putting on the joints eliminates the pain and the joint becomes stronger.

Immune system strengthens onion

Vitamins present on the onion and many nutrients increase the capacity of our body’s immune system. Regular consumption of onions increases our ability to fight diseases of our body, so use raw onions as a salad in the form of food.

Cholesterol Contains Onion

Increasing cholesterol due to poor lifestyle has become a common thing. Cholesterol is actually a form of fat that accumulates like clots in our arteries. This affects blood circulation and increases the chances of the patient getting heart attack. If cholesterol is not controlled during the time, it can take the form of a life-threatening illness.

To control cholesterol, mixing honey with one spoon of onion juice daily can be very beneficial. Cut the onion with the spoon and mix it with salt and black pepper and keep it in cholesterol control.

Onion removes earache

If there are children or older, often there is pain in the ear, then it is better to go to a doctor if you use onion juice. Yes, by pouring two chopped onion juice in the ear, the pain of the ear gets relieved.

Onion protects from tooth diseases

These are all common problems due to decay of teeth or staining of mouth. By consuming raw onion daily, all the mouth diseases are eliminated. If there is worm in the teeth or pain in the gums, apply onion juice and start eating raw onion with food.

Onion enhances insulin

Patients suffering from sugar have the ability to become insulin. By taking onion, insulin is started in the cells of the pancreas, so the patients of the sugar must be consumed on the basis of their sugar levels and their glucose levels will always be under control.

Onion helps in fighting cancer

Eating onions also helps fight serious diseases such as cancer. Raw onion prevents cancer spreading cells from growing and does not allow new cells to be formed and also eliminates the existing cancer cells. Patients of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer etc. should increase the intake of onions in the food.

Onion makes memory stronger

The memory of people consuming onion on a daily basis is usually faster. Use your children to eat onions only since childhood. Many children do not like to eat raw onion but everyone should eat onion after seeing its benefits.

Onion is beneficial in cold winter

In winter, it is common for cold or cold to happen. If there is a problem like light fever, cold or cold or cough, mix honey with onion juice, it provides relief in the winter.

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Onion Benefits In Menstrual Problems

Women have to face many problems during menstruation. There are no such problems of women consuming onion. Onion should be consumed before the start of the monthly cycle.

Onion makes blood flow easy

Through the blood through the blood, oxygen, energy, etc. can flow throughout the body. The chromium element present in the onions helps facilitate our blood flow.

Onion removes black skin

Adding a little lemon juice to raw onion juice, putting on the face, removes the black spots of the face. If you have wrinkles on the face at an early age, it is beneficial to apply onion juice to the skin.

Coconut is beneficial in cataract

If there are dark circles under the eyes or if you see the eyes blurred, then take out the juice of onion and put it in the eyes like the sunlight. Cataract is also cured by putting onion juice in the eyes.

Friends, in this article, you know what the benefits of onion are and what types of losses can be caused by excessive consumption of it. Put a habit of eating onions everyday, make the children eat as a salad so that with the properties present in it you can make your body healthy and healthy. If you have any questions then you can ask us via comment !! Thank you