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Loose Motion Prevention Measures,Indigenous Home Medicine


Little children are much more troubled by the problem of thin loose motion. Loose motion can be done not only to children but to anyone of any age. In the loose motion, the patient has to go for frequent sterilization. If a lot of motion is not treated early, then the person’s body becomes very weak, because there is a huge decrease in water in the body when the lice are taken.

Loose motion can be “deadly”

Loose Motion is also called diarrhea. If the patient’s diarrhea does not stop for two or three days, then his condition can be severe. There is a lot of weakness in the body, many people have to take glucose bottles. If there is no control over the motion of the loose, then the patient’s life can go away too. This has happened in many cases, so let’s treat it immediately after Loose motion.

Due to Loose motion

Every person has to face the problem of diarrhea, sometimes in life. Actually, having a Loose motion indicates malfunction in the digestive system. Due to poor eating, looseness or excessive heat, the digestive system becomes unbalanced, due to which the person begins to have thin Loose motion. Some of the main reasons for being a Loose motion are:

1. Staying in extreme heat
2. Looning
3. Dangers in the digestive tract
4. Eating more oily food
5. Very spicy food intake
6. When leaving the teeth of children
7. Dangerous
8. Infections in the stomach or infection
9. Reaction of any medication
10. Being indigested
11. Eating junk or fast food
12. High intake of hot condiments

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For all these reasons, the person begins to have a lot of motion. In the beginning, it seems normal, but repeated thawing occurs when the secretion of blood from the patient’s anus starts to occur, and there may also be a lack of blood in the body. In such a situation, get your doctor examined immediately.

Home remedies for Loose Motion

loose motion

Loose Motion is a problem that a person can ever have. Think of what will you do if you or your children are suddenly laugh motion in the night? To treat diarrhea, you do not have to run away from any doctor immediately, because you have the best medicines available in your kitchen. So let’s know what is the home medicine of diarrhea –

Loose Motion Treatment Pulls Rice

There is a lot of fat in the rice and the amount of fat in the rice is in the same way as its water. There is milk-like power in rice granules and thousands of poor people still fill their stomachs after drinking too much.

How to make peanuts

In today’s time, rice is boiled in a cooker, but in earlier times rice was made in the Bhagwona, the husband, the Dish or the mustache. While boiling the rice in these utensils, the quantity of water was kept slightly higher so that the rice was boiled properly. After the rice was boiled, those rice was filtered with water. Now the water which boils the boiled rice, it is called a beard. Drinking it has many benefits and this water of rice also treats diarrhea.

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Mix a pinch of “asafetida” in a glass of freshly made rice, now add half a teaspoon of black salt. Now mix everything well with these spoons, now this solution will work for you as a drug of Loose motion. Eat this bead in both morning and evening, you will get relief immediately in diarrhea.

“Cumin” is the best remedy for loose motion

Cumin is beneficial for every type of stomach problem. Whether it is acidity, there is a Loose motion, digestion in the abdomen, tingling in the stomach or pain, that means the solution of all kinds related to the stomach is “cumin”.

Add half a spoon cumin seeds, chew and drink half a glass of lukewarm water from the back. Fierce Loose motion is also cured by this use of cumin. If cumin is not eaten from you, then make a powder of it and drink it in water and drink it too quickly. And the most important thing is that after eating a dose, you will not need to eat another dose. If the cumin is ready to eat again, then eat a few hours after gaps.

Loose Motion Precautions

When lice is done, patient feels pain in the stomach, getting twins and dehydration in the body. At the time of diarrhea, the patient should take some necessary precautions –

1. Clean the toilets every time after the Loose motion
2. Wash hands thoroughly after defecation
3. Keep yourself clean and disinfected
4. Loose motion patient towel other people do not use
5. SIP-Drink and Drink Water
6. Eat pure vegetarian food
7. Boil water and try to drink
8. Take the food lightly and less spicy
9. Keep the toilets clean and let the flies do not sit
10. Wash well used pots
11. Prevent children from drinking unhealthy water

Do you know that more than 7 Lakh children die each year because of the loose mitigation, so take precautions when the mice is in motion, because your security is completely in your hands.

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