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Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers & & Tongue Ulcers,That Really Work


In Ayurveda, pure natural methods are given for the treatment of cheek, tongue and mouth blisters, which can be used to treat mouth ulcers within a few hours. Being a blister in the mouth is a very common problem, which is definitely accompanied by one person at one time and in the doctoral language it is also called ulcer.

The cause of mouth ulcers

The blisters of the mouth are most commonly in the inner part of the cheek, tongue and mouth. If there is a blister in the mouth then there is a lot of difficulty in eating food and sometimes there is trouble in speaking to the person. It feels like chopped inside the mouth, and when irritation of salt chilli starts, irritation begins to occur.

If the blister becomes big, then drinking water also becomes misery, in this way our work and our mood also gets affected completely. First of all, it is important to know what is the main reason for having mouth ulcers –

1. Removal of cheek while eating food
2. Summer in the stomach
3. Outdoors
4. Harmonic disturbances
5. Lack of Vitamin C
6. Deterioration of the stomach
7. Brushing a wound
8. Do not work properly on the digestive tract
9. Lack of water in the body
10. Having bacteria in the mouth
11. Reaction of any wrong medication. …e.t.c

All these causes can cause ulcers in the mouth. Apart from this, there can be many reasons, but the main thing is that we do not notice much for a couple of days, but if these ulcers are not correct in a week then it is very important to treat them.

Acne medicines and home remedies for mouth ulcers

The blisters in the mouth usually end in two to three days, but if the blisters are for a long time, you should adopt the prescribed natural remedies. There is a situation with many people that after the recovery of the bark, it starts again and this problem continues for a long time.

If the cure is not treated properly during the time of the bark, then it is likely to happen again. Therefore, take immediate treatment for unhealthy ulcers and the most important thing is that you do not have to spend money for this too. Everything is already present in your kitchen to treat mouth ulcers.

Curd is helpful

If you are getting blisters in the mouth then take fresh curd. Use yogurt in your food or in the morning you can eat empty stomach even with curd, it will also benefit you.

There is a problem associated with the stomach of the mouth, if there is any problem in the stomach, then taking a yogurt gives a special benefit.

Use of cloves

Cloves are easily available in every home kitchen. Whenever you have blisters in the mouth, put two cloves in the mouth and chew them. Now chew the clove and keep it from the tongue to the blotchy place (like people keep tobacco in the mouth as well as chewing cloves and keep them in the place of the bark) and let it remain for some time.

When the juice of clove starts appearing on the scalp, the blister will disappear within a few hours just as it had never before, then adopt it which is very easy and effective.

Coriander leaves are beneficial

Coriander is a very easy vegetable to become available. Take coriander leaves and make them paste well and paste it like paste. Now use this paste as a medicine on your bark. By this the blisters will disappear in a few days.

Apart from this, increase the use of coriander in your diet, this will greatly benefit you.

Coconut kills the bark

Coconut facilitates digestion of our body and it is very beneficial for stomach. Whenever there is a blister in the mouth, chew the coconut, because the juice coming out of it starts on the ulcer, it starts destroying the barks. If you wish, then chew the coconut and put it on the blisters and keep it for some time so that all the juices can be on the rash.

If you like to drink coconut water, then drink it as it will also reduce your blisters.

Ghee is the sesame medicine of the bark

Using pure country ghee ends the root cause of the bark problem and if the cow’s milk is ghee, its effect becomes double. This method will make the blisters of the mouth disappear overnight.

Before sleeping at night, add a little Indian ghee to your mouth and keep it moving in the blister place. Now go to sleep comfortably, till morning you will be relieved in the bark. If you do this for two or three days, the blisters will be right forever.

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Salt water

Heat a glass of water in a vessel and put 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Now heat the water until salt dissolves. Now let this water cool down.

When the water becomes lukewarm, then make garlands with this water. If the inner part of the mouth is bitten, then the water should be taken to the throat and then do garrel. It benefits every mouth and mouth of the mouth and mouth.

Use turmeric powder

Turmeric is a thing used in every home. It is always available in your kitchen, so whenever you have blisters, add one spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of water and heat it.

When this turmeric gets water lukewarm, then do the garlands of this water. If the turmeric is painkiller, then the pain of your ulcers will also go away and the blisters will be corrected too soon.

Benefits of Guava leaves

Guava food is good for stomach but it does special benefits in urine leaf ulcer. Take fresh leaves of Guava and crush them with hand and apply their juice on their bark. It works like a panacea.

Apart from chewing on the leaves of urad by chewing the leaves on the leaves of a pan, it is very beneficial in the bark.

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Tomato intake more

People who have to suffer from frequent nausea, such people should eat more tomatoes. Tomatoes are known to treat old ones from the ulcer.

Cut out a fresh tomatoes and take out the juice and mix this juice in a glass of water and do garlic and rinse it. You will see that the ulcer has started to benefit miraculously.

The myrrh is the divine medicine of the ulcer.
Herar is a very famous medicine in our Ayurveda. The herb is a herb that comes in thousands of people. You can buy harbors from any grocery store.

Take small herbs and grind them on the cylinders. Now apply this pissed herb like a medicine on the ulcer. Those who have not been cured even after the treatment of acne scars, their ulcers will also end with the use of the herd.

Also, before sleeping, put a small herb in the mouth and suck it. Its juice gives special benefit to the ulcer.