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How To Whiten Teeth In 2 Minutes -Teeth Whitening Treatment

It is true that the easiest and fastest way to get rid of tooth decay or discoloration is to go to the dentist. They can eliminate stains of tooth quickly by using strips and liquids. However, these methods are not healthy for your teeth for a long time. To know how to polish teeth, the domestic way is very effective for you.

If there is a beautiful and white tooth, the murmur of it starts to look good too. Nowadays, we do not have to take care of the wrong habits of our eating habits and the proper treatment of teeth. If the color of the tooth becomes yellow, the person is hesitant to laugh and open in front of anyone and in such a way, if one looks at the yellow teeth, it can lead to a lot of embarrassment.

Apple vinegar


Apple vinegar is not only helpful in reducing the effects of sunburn, but it reduces the skin on the skin. Apart from this, apple vinegar contains light acid, which removes the yellow stain from your teeth and helps in making it white.

For this, you add half a teaspoon of apple vinegar in a cup of water and mix it well and brush it with the brush before brushing it with the water. You can use it twice a week.

Baking soda and lemon


Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a common ingredient found in almost every kitchen. Helps eliminate surface stains on tooth.

It is also alkaline in nature and helps in reducing acidity inside the mouth. The lemon juice is slightly acidic in nature and helps to remove the discoloration of the teeth. It is also a natural antiseptic agent.

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For this, you mix one spoon baking soda with a spoon lemon. After this, paste the paste on the paste with a brush. After this, let it stay like it for two to three minutes. Then wash your mouth with water.

Coconut oil to whiten teeth


You find this something weird because coconut oil is considered to be beneficial for most skin and hair health. Loric acid present in coconut oil helps in eliminating bacteria due to plaque in the tooth. It also helps in keeping your breath fresh.

Take coconut oil for this and apply it on fingers with fingers. Then brush the water after rinse. You can use it once a day.

Orange Essential Oil


Tooth cleansing measures include Orange Essential Oil. Orange essential oil is prepared from the fruit peel. Its citrus material helps to whiten teeth, whereas essential oil contains anti fungal properties that promote gum health.

For this, take two or three drops of Orange Essential Oil and brush it after mixing it in toothpaste. You can use it once every week in the week.

Lemon juice for the brightness of teeth

Lemon-Juice-And-Baking-SodaLemon juice works as a bleaching and helps to remove the yellowing of teeth. For this, take a spoonful of salt and two spoonful lemon juice and mix it well and use it as a toothpaste. You can use it twice a week.