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Tips for applying the Foundation Correctly while doing Makeup


Foundation setting on face is an integral part of make-up. As the foundation of the English word foundation is found, the foundation is a form of make-up that forms the same color as the face. As the type of skin is different in nature, there are different types of fashionista. There are several ways foundations are available in the market. Applying the foundation eliminates all the facial scars, wrinkles, fine lines in the face.

In the market there are many types of liquids and creams that come in the fashionista. People often make many types of mistakes when choosing a foundation, so that their face looks strange rather than looks beautiful. Using incorrect methods to apply the foundation can be harmful. In this article, we tell you what is the right way to apply the foundation. Let’s know about the right tips for installing a foundation.

The right way to apply the foundation

Choose the right shade to apply the foundation:

When you choose any of the shades of the foundation, do not choose a very light sized shade to look fair. Combine the color of the foundation with the color of your skin in natural light, and only if it matches your color. Choose a shade that is similar to your natural color and not too light and very dark shade.

Use the right tools to apply the foundation:

Many people make this mistake that they feel better to use the foundation instead of using the right tools. Some people spread the foundation on the face instead of the brush instead of the brush, so that the foundation is not able to properly spread on the skin and accumulates in place. Use the brush instead of fingers, so that the foundation is properly spread on the skin and the skin looks beautiful.

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Use hands properly to apply the foundation:

If you are installing the Foundation by hand while installing the Foundation, then it is also a right way. First, put the foundation on the face and rubbing palms together. Spread the Foundation on the face in circular motion with warm palms and spread the Foundation on the face in such a way that it is not stored anywhere.

Moisturize the face before applying the foundation:

Use the moisturizer with the foundation as well as if you want to get the skin in addition to making the skin white. Before applying the foundation, apply face oil to the moisturizer and apply it on the skin and then add some water to the foundation and make it slightly slender. Place this foundation well on the face, which makes your skin look white and puffy.

Do not use too much Foundation:

Which makes a thick layer of foundation to face more used to require the foundation to face seems to look strange. Facial Foundation bike got instead of putting too much of a little foundation and spread well on the face. To make face paint uniform, a little foundation is enough, do not use too much Foundation.

Do not forget to use the Concealer with the Foundation:

The redness of the acne you can cover from the foundation but use the coroner to hide the sun spots. The skin around the lips of many people is also red, which can also be used to hide the concealer.

Use the tissue to apply the foundation:

If it is too much heat and when you are sweating heavily when installing the Foundation, use powder by using tissue paper so that the foundation is not swept away in sweat. For this, first place the tissue on the face and sprinkle powder on it and then spread the powder with your hands so that your foundation does not flutter in sweat and sweat also becomes dry.

Do not forget to put the primer before applying the foundation:

Prior to applying the foundation, apply primer on the face. By not putting the primer, the Foundation comes in direct contact with the face skin, to avoid the primer on the first face and then apply the foundation, so that the skin gets refined and the foundation spreads well.

Use Face Mist After putting Foundation:

Use Face Mist on the face for a perfect finish. To give coolness to the face, use skin soothing Mint Face Mist. Apply face remover on the skin, lightly press it, which makes the skin appear beautiful and festive, and also feels freshness.