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Honey Bee stings Treatment Naturally at Home | Bee Sting Symptoms


Bee is a very essential part of our food chain. We can easily find their huts around our home or in some garden. Although honey obtained from these roofs is very beneficial and tasty, their stings become bad due to the good people’s health. Although there are useful beneficial home remedies available to reduce the burning and pain caused by their sting, you may be relieved from it:

Treatment of bee stings:

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Some of the essential treatments are being described below:

Use of honey / honey: Relief can be obtained from the use of honey. Firstly clean the place where you are cut by a bee. Note that no sting can stay in a cut area. Then use the original honey on this place and tie it to a loose bandage.

Baking soda:

The use of baking soda on bee cutting can also give you instant relief. In the part of the body that bee stings, in that part you add baking soda and water and add the paste made. Leave it for sometime (approximately 10-15 minutes). If you do not get relief from it, then make a paste of baking soda and water and place it in that place.

Apple Viniger:

Apple Vinegar can also be effective at such times. At some place in the bee-bite, leave some drops of this vinegar and leave it for a while. This will give you relief from the pain and pain soon. If you want, you can keep a clean cloth soaked in this vinegar and keep it in a cut-off place of bee.


The use of toothpaste is also beneficial in relieving bee stings. Some people believe that the alkaline element given in it solves the acidic tendency of bee stings and people get relief from it. Since toothpaste is always present in the house, so it will be easy to use when such a situation arises.

Meet Tenderers:

Meet Tenderers A special type of enzyme is found, called papain. Add a four-part water to a garden meet tandrizer and apply the solution to the bee in a cut area. Pain and eching begin to slow down.

Aspirin tablet:

Aspirin tablet is used most often for headache fever etc. By breaking the aspirin tablet or making a light paste, if the bee is placed in a cut area, relief from pain and echings is obtained.

Some special herbs and oils: Some special herbs and oils, which can be used to get rid of the pain and burning of bee stings, here are a brief description of such things,

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is often used for the treatment of skin. Its use softens the skin. If you have a plant of aloe vera, then break one of its leaves and squeeze it in a honey-cut bone area. Doing so leads to a lot of pain and irritation. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for skin.

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Calendula cream:

It is a kind of antiseptic, which is mainly used to treat small fat fever. Place it directly in the place where the bee is bitten.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is also used for the treatment of bee stings. Add olive oil or coconut oil along with lavender oil and place it in the place of bee sting, it provides a lot of relief.

In addition to the above oil, T-oil and witch hazel can also be used to treat bee stings.Apart from all these, you can also get relief from bee stings using potato, celery leaves, papaya, basil leaves, mustard oil, onion, garlic juice etc. These things are also easily available at home.

How to reduce swelling


The bee starts getting swollen from the cut-off place. This inflammation can be reduced. Start cutting the bees at the first bite once the bee is cut. Rubbing of snow reduces inflammation and irritation is also very low. If there is any kind of jewelry jewelry like rings, braces etc. in a cut area, then take it off as soon as possible, why there is a lot of trouble in getting it after swelling.

When to go to the doctor (Bee Sting Doctor’s Advice)

Most of the time bee sticks do not have to go to the doctor for the treatment. It can be relieved only by the treatment given above. However, if you have an allergy problem after taking a bee cut, then it is mandatory to go to your doctor. Or if any of the above therapies are not effective and if the pain burns are not being reduced then you need to show that bee sting to the doctor.

Honey Bee Sting Symptoms


The bee sting produces a lot of pain in the bite area. Its symptoms, however, depends on the poison in the body from its stings. In the initial period, it is irritable and itchy in the area bitten with its pain. Sometimes in the part of the body where a bee sting is present, it becomes red. Although bee stings do not cause any particular type of disease, but some people may have complaints of bee-like allergens like allergies. This allergy is quite harmful, which can cause side effects such as nausea.

Blood test for allergies:

A blood test has to be done to know the level of allergies on bee bite. In this blood test, IgE antibody levels are seen in the blood.

Skin Prick Test:

The level of allergies is also detected by performing a skin prick test in a bee cut area. Various types of Venom are also entered in the bee-bite area during this test. This process is cheap and easy, but it is very likely to have anaphylaxis. This test has been tested by many allergy specialist, and it has been named the gold standard. After this, they can provide allergy medication as per the requirement.