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Food Hacks To Eat More Protein (BUILD MUSCLE & GET LEAN!!)


According to various research done till now, as much as required for the building of the masonry building, it is also necessary to take the appropriate diet. Fitness experts also say that the exercise of exercises in the mussels building is only up to 30-40%. Diet is the most important. According to your body type and metabolism, if you do not take the props diet then the desire to make muscles will be incomplete.


Now it comes to the fact that if we want to make muscles, then what kind of diet do we take? According to experts it is very important to take high protein diet for the muscles building. Along with fruits and vegetables should also be taken. Let’s know some of the same foods that the muscles build must include in his diet.

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These things to include in your diet to make muscles


  • Banana – Banana gives energy to the body. This makes the mussels healthy and gives strength. Eat 2 bananas daily or drink a banana of shake or smoked and drink it.
  • Dairy products – Dairy products such as milk, curd, paneer contain a large amount of protein. That’s why it’s good for building masonry. Include dairy products in your daily diet. Drink milk in the morning. Eat yogurt and cheese in the luncheon.
  • Dry fruits and nuts – They also have plenty of protein and fat. These make moods healthy. Daily handful of dried fruits or nuts, help is available in the mussels Building.
  • Eggs – It has 84% ​​protein and 0% fat in its white part. It is helpful in making muscles and keeping them strong. Two or three times a day, 2-4 boiled eggs and nuts, milk should be taken in the day.
  • Fish – There is a need for mono-saturated fat and omega 3 fatty acids to make mussels. Include fish twice a week in the diet. Avoid fried fish.
  • Meat – Iron, zinc vitamin B and amino acids are rich in proteins in foods such as meat, chicken. These are helpful in making mussels. Eat meat at least once a week, but more oily or spicy meat is avoided.
  • Mushrooms – There are lots of nutrients that are helpful in the mussels Building. Its lean protein makes the muscles strong. Eating by adding mushrooms to salads is beneficial.
  • Sweet potato – It contains carbohydrates, which gives the necessary stamina to the mussels building. Boil sweet potato, eat it, or eat the sweet potato boiled in milk.
  • Soya Products – Soybean, Soya Bari, Soya Milk and Tofu contain authentic proteins, vitamins and minerals for muscle building. Take soya product two or three times a week.
  • Hole grain – The carbohydrates present in it provide energy to the body and protects the muscles from breaking. Breakfast morning oatmeal porridge breakfast. Increase the amount of Hole Grance in Diet