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What to Eat Before & After Morning Running | EATING COMPETITION


Those who run in the morning are aware of the fact that it consumes a lot of power and energy. It not only burns calories, but it tires you. People are often confused about what to eat after the race. Let us tell you what to eat after the morning races.

Eat this after the morning race



The athlete has to eat enough carbs to fuel his energy. Banana is one of the best and healthy sources of carbas. You can drink two bananas or banana shake after the morning races. Banana contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that works to give you strength.

Oatmeal or oats

By regularly eating oats in the morning breakfast, you stay healthy throughout the day. Also, your body does not feel tired. OTMILL is an ideal dish for runners. There is abundant protein, fiber and carbohydrate in it. Apart from this, oats have fiber which helps in reducing high levels of cholesterol.

Fruit salad

Salads made from sweet and juicy fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes and blackberries are very beneficial for regular runners to maintain their fitness level and improve tolerance.

These fruits are a great source of sweet, juicy, and vitamin. By eating this fruit after morning rush, you can improve your health. Fruits like grapes and kiwi are rich in antioxidants and fibers that maintain healthy blood pressure and improve heart health.

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Almonds are good for your skin. It is full of many types of vitamins and minerals, which protects you from diseases. Almond is considered a treasure of nutritious elements. Because it contains good quality proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and many essential amino acids.

Almonds are excellent sources of antioxidants and are known to reduce cholesterol, especially if it is eaten on a regular basis. Almonds are a favorite diet for athletes. Therefore you can also take it after the morning races.

Chocolate milk

This is a good source of protein for muscle repair. Chocolate carries milk to your carbohydrate and liver in milk. You should definitely take it after the morning races.


Yogurt is considered as the best in terms of health. It is considered more nutritious than milk. If you are looking for some delicious supplements then curd is very good for you. This is a delicious breakfast for all athletes.

If you are running for 45 minutes or an hour, then we recommend that you take yogurt. Yoghurt is a protein that helps in creating lean muscles and increasing metabolic rate which helps you burn more calories.